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Projects and Brazilian partnerships

The Laboratório Arquivos do Sujeito (LAS,, which hosts this research, is linked to the Department of Language Sciences and the Post-Graduate Program in Language Studies at Universidade Federal Fluminense.

For this project, LAS has established connections within the UFF itself with the LABORATÓRIO DE ESTUDOS DA TRADUÇÃO (LABESTRAD), whose general coordination, since 2015, has been under the responsibility of Professor Giovana Campos, who is also the coordinator of the English area together with Professor Vanessa Hanes. Professor Mônica Fiuza BF is the coordinator of the French area. LABESTRAD is linked to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages (GLE) and develops several translation projects, in several modalities and involving six foreign languages (German, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Russian). The laboratory production always interweaves theory and practice, encompassing, among others, proposals in which science and technology have potential to produce innovations capable of social transformation.

In 2020, ENCIDIS formalized a partnership with the radio program PENSAR JOVEM, the result of an extension project “Thinking about education: thinking about Brazil” (CEFET-MG). The program “Pensar Jovem”, coordinated by Professor Carla Moreira, aims at students’ academic, scientific and citizenship-oriented education from technical education to postgraduate studies at CEFET-MG and other Basic Education public institutions. One of the focuses of this program is the dissemination of knowledge aimed at students at the three levels of education (high school/technical, university major degree in Language Studies: Editing Technologies, post-graduation in Language Studies/Line of Discourse Analysis. The program is broadcast on Mondays on Rádio UFMG Educativa.

Finally, it is worth remarking that the project team includes the partnership of UERJ and CEFET-Rio researchers. They are two professors, former UFF Doctoral Program students, who will cooperate with the technical review of the terminology, ensuring that the translations of subtitles are not only competent and appropriate, but they will also contribute with an ethical attitude, based on extensive discussions about the relationship between discourse, subject and language. Collaborating with the technical review of the subtitles in Portuguese, we had the collaboration of a professor from CEFET-MG, a former doctoral student at UFF and a specialist in Discourse Analysis.

Projects and international partnerships

The ENCIDIS project has working ties with Professor Doctor Gian Luigi de Rosa, from the University of Rome 3.

The I FALA group, which he coordinates, is responsible for translating and subtitling the video-recordings in Italian.